The Teagan rug for the future baby's nook:

I get on Briar about the fact that she talks about the baby constantly and we're not even at the point of trying to conceive. I can't imagine what she'll be like when she's actually pregnant! But I, myself, completely enjoy looking for the baby accouterments. And I have a feeling I'll only get worse about that, too, by the time there's an actual fetus.
I think this Angela Adams small, rectangular rug from Modern Seed will look great in front of the crib. And I think it will match the blue paint I just bought for the walls. None of those dorky kid-prints for us. They are as bad as dog beds with pictures of dogs all over them.


Computer-equipment "cord management":

We have way, way too many cords around our desk and we need some way to control all them all. The Room& Board Leg Cord Manager, along with the Horitzontal Cord Manager seem to be the smartest things out there.


An umbrella rack:

This aluminum one from Chiasso would look perfect in our hallway (and it would make our coat closet much less cramped).


The Dyson DC07 "Animal" vacuum:

This model actually has a special attachment to pick up pet hair from carpets and upholstery. I would really like that. I also thought Dyson vacuums lacked HEPA filters, but I just learned they do have them and they are approved for allergy sufferers. But with this new information in hand, I have a new object to lust over. Plus Amazon has it for $25 off this month making it a mere $475. I just wish the pet-friendly model wasn't purple.


A Spring coat:

It's so warm and beautiful today that my short walk to the subway wearing my winter coat practically had me sweating. So, it's time for me to get a new Spring coat since Bri has stolen my other one (she said it looked to girly on me). This one from Banana Republic is really cool for a guy whose mom used to have to sew pockets onto the clothes that didn't have any. Plus, I get a discount through work, which is always a bonus.


Karim Rashid's "Yum Bowl" for pups:

Not only are they so cool, they also have non-skid bottoms and come in two sizes, perfect for Gertie and Lexie (and I'd like one for the cats, too, please). Although Rashid typically annoys me (he's the industrial designer wunderkind who is behind so much of the rounded, colorful plastic furniture and accessories of the last five years or so), I think he's finally designed something beautiful.
These bowls are made by a company called For the Dogs which has won several design awards recently. And they're for sale at a store called Embellish in San Francisco (177 Brannan Street, Bri, so remember we'll be stopping there).