The Chicago Desk by Blu Dot:

Now that we have our gorgeous new Eames desk chair (a Christmas present from the in-laws), I feel that our tiny desk is looking tired and sad.
I like the cantilevered desktop of this one, along with the deep cubbies to hide the stuff that Bri currently scatters about the desktop. I also like the philosophy behind Blu Dot. The company was started by three college friends trained in architecture and art with the belief that design should be affordable. Hence, the Chicago desk is a mere $549 (cheap compared to a very similar desk by Offi, for $1599)


A trip to Kangaroo Island, Australia:

While I've always loved animals (duh), only recently have I begun desiring specific vacation destinations because of the wildlife there. Kangaroo Island is my new discovery. It is home to a plethora of animals I longed to see: koalas, possums, dolphins, wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas, sea lions, fairy penguins, platypuses, fur seals, whales and something I've never even heard of— goannas.

Over 30 percent of the Island is protected national conservation parks and wildlife areas, and there are wildlife guides to take tourists on night walks to see penguins or walking tours of koala habitats. The best part? There are even several wineries on the island. Mmm— I can imagine sipping a nice glass of Australian Sauvignon Blanc at sunset while watching sea lions cavorting off the shore.


Palms Lounger by Lister

Lister has been making teak outdoor furniture for over a century. Mostly they make pretty typical stuff (except for a small line of Arne Jacobsen knock-offs), but this Spring they are introducing this teak and stainless steel Palms line. It evokes an Eamesesque, mid-century aesthetic and makes me think of Beverly Hills hotels of the 1940s (not that I really know what that was like). This could make our Brooklyn garden seem downright glamourous.
Cole Haan's Edwin cap toe lace-up:

I know I've mentioned this before but, when you are a small guy, only the very expensive brands make your size. It's not just me being snobby and faggy. It's pretty much a fact. (OK, Mexx, the cheap, Dutch clothing company, does make a few items in XS.)

I've been searching for a black cap toe shoe but can only find nice, $500 Gucci numbers in my size. But last night I came across this Cole Haan model, which is currently on sale for more than 50 percent off. (Bri, did you just read that? "More than 50 percent off"!) That is the one very small (no pun intended) upside— Cole Haan very rarely sells out of its small sizes and therefore they go on sale. (However, they only make a few of their shoes in small sizes.)

For anyone out there who wants to start a business, the small-guy niche is wide open.


Meme (from unwellness—sort of)

What were you coveting ten years ago this month?
A magazine job in NYC and a brand new life

If I only knew then what I know now, maybe I would have picked a different field.

What were you coveting eight years ago this month?
Full custody

What were you coveting six years ago this month?
Sanity, the ability to make a decision, and the ability to see into the future so I could know what decision to make

What were you coveting four years ago this month?
Valium for my dear bridezilla

What were you coveting two years ago this month?
Happiness for Bri and a closing date for our still-not-completed apartment

What are you coveting right now?
A manufacturer for one of the components of my dog beds and a new couch

What have you learned from this?
Years later, I can never remember my material needs, only my emotional ones. Profound.


Less complaining from my beloved wife:

We all know that Bri tends to complain about things she does not like but has to live with (i.e. my insane cleanliness, bites from Gertie, negative pregnancy tests). Ever since my previous post, I have been forced to endure quite an earful from her. I didn't realize that she would be so angry with me for quitting Coveting. I thought I was making an intelligent decision, one way to find a few extra minutes from my day to work on my burgeoning business. However, my plan backfired. Now I seem to be spending more time apologizing for shutting it down than I ever spent actually blogging. Plus, I guess I didn't realize anyone else would be saddened. Anyway, I'm back. At least for now.


More time.
So, I'm no longer going to keep Coveting going. Sorry to the two or three people who take the time to look at my material desires.


A classic Gucci suit (like the one recently purchased by the fabulous C.U.Z.):

A couple weeks before Christmas the Gargantuan Man-Boy proclaimed, "I'd like a Gucci suit." Imagine my hysteric laughter. (You're 15! Why on Earth would you need a Gucci suit? And you definitely aren't getting one if I don't have one!) I, too, would love to own a perfect-fitting Gucci suit.
Over the following few weeks both GMB and myself made due with the numerous Christmas presents we received but continued to long for the luxury suit. And then this weekend I got an email from the notorious and fabulous L.A.-living C.U.Z. Guess what? He obtained his very own much-coveted Gucci suit. And it was on sale at Loehmann's for less than $600. I think it's time I start hitting the discount stores.


A wild boar piglet:

For Christmas my wonderful wife gave me several baby animal videos to feed my insane desire for a baby penguin. We watched one of videos last night and discovered this cute little creature, which looks sort of like a cross between a chipmunk and a piglet. The piglets run and hop in a fashion similar to bunnies and they wrestle and play like puppies. I'd still prefer a penguin but a baby boar seems a little more practical for walking on a leash.