A trip to Kangaroo Island, Australia:

While I've always loved animals (duh), only recently have I begun desiring specific vacation destinations because of the wildlife there. Kangaroo Island is my new discovery. It is home to a plethora of animals I longed to see: koalas, possums, dolphins, wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas, sea lions, fairy penguins, platypuses, fur seals, whales and something I've never even heard of— goannas.

Over 30 percent of the Island is protected national conservation parks and wildlife areas, and there are wildlife guides to take tourists on night walks to see penguins or walking tours of koala habitats. The best part? There are even several wineries on the island. Mmm— I can imagine sipping a nice glass of Australian Sauvignon Blanc at sunset while watching sea lions cavorting off the shore.


Bill Norris said...

That photo of you and the pets on the right is alarming because you appear to be naked.

I'm just saying.

Wes said...

OK, I don't have a shirt on. But I DO have pants on. See the navy blue in the left corner?
What do you think I am?

Bill Norris said...

Well, that's a relief. I wondered if you were taking that furry article to heart.

Wes said...

I was waiting for a furries reference from you! So. Very. Disturbing.
And now that you said that I might have to change that photo.