Valenki boots:

These 100% wool winter boots are like the boots worn in Russia for hundreds of years. They have low rubber removable golashes that make them perfect for snowy winter days. I know Bri will think they are ridiculous but I think they are funky yet practical. I can't believe no one brought these back before now. And hopefully this will end the trend of college girls wearing Uggs with mini skirts.


Ichendorf double walled vinegar pourer:

This handblown Italian glass carafe is made for either vinegar or oil, but since I love, love, love balsamic vinegar and hate oil (well, I can't digest it so it's a little different than hating it), I'm calling it a vinegar carafe.

The medium size carafe is only $22.50. That's so cheap I could splurge on 100-year-old balsamic (OK, maybe just a 10-year bottle, instead).


Seat XS3:

The plywood XS3 seat was designed by Scottish architecture firm Graeme Massie for Outgang, a product design company that focuses on simple but intelligent design. That's why the XS3 chair can be used in three different ways. And when it's put together with the XF1 footstool it becomes a chaise. Whichever way you use them, they come with a storage compartment underneath.


Cole Haan's Slim Color Block wallet:

The pocket cut into the outside of this wallet gives you access what's inside the wallet— perfect for grabbing your Metrocard. It also comes in a cool olive color but without the blue accents. And it's a total Cole Haan bargain at $65.


Hetkiä latte cups by Marimekko:

These porcelain cups are based on a Marimekko fabric designed by Maija Louekari. I personally think the drawing works better on a small scale than as a fabric. And I didn't think a cup of coffee could get much better than it already is.


Whippet/greyhound cufflinks:

I just saw these on eBay: Pewter greyhound cufflinks that look like Lexie. However, I can't tell if there's muzzle over the snoot like a racing dog— which I obviously don't want. But for only $25 maybe it's worth taking a chance.