Magis Stool_One

Someday I think we're going to have a pretty kitchen with a nice L-shaped counter. And then we'll have a few stools around it for snacking and drinking and chatting-- and feeding TK. Italian furniture company Magis makes these great aluminum stools, which match their Chair_One, which I have coveted ever since we saw it at the deYoung Musuem in San Fran last summer. Designed by German Konstantin Grcic, the intricate seat looks different based on the angle at which you view it. It's totally cool.
However, we saw a stool by Wud Furniture at Bklyn Designs last week, whith a coated cement seat. It would be amazing, too. But first we need to actually have the kitchen redone.


Omnia brushed stainless steel door handles:

When we moved into our old apartment one of the things I wanted to do was replace the round knobs with sleek handles. I never did it, but now I have an excuse: The other night we tried to close the dogs out of our bedroom but when Bri pulled the door knob it pulled off in her hand. So, we need new door hardware. And new doors.

I really love the handles from Valli & Valli (especially this one by Brisitish architect and designer John Pawson), but they are outrageously expensive. Omnia makes very similar ones for about a third of the price, so they will do. I assume Bri will like the handle above best, but I really prefer this one.

Either one is a thousand times better than what we currently have.


Halo Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan Co.:

I'd like this fan in nickle with white opal glass to replace our hideous living room fans (perhaps Bri will post a picture soon). It was be placed fairly close to the ceiling so we don't have too much of our living room height eaten up. But at $320 on sale I think I'll have to look for other options for our bedrooms.


Access Lighting Outdoor lights

Although the lights on the front of our home are one of the few parts of the home that seem to be less than 30 years old, there are also one of the easiest things for me to fixate on since they will be very easy to change.

I am enamored by both of these lights by Access
. The Myra (top) is the more expensive of the two at
$86 but both of them are 10% off at Lighting By
on the Bowery. And either one will look great with our new house number.