A sliding wall for part of our mezzanine:

When we first bought our apartment and decided that the upstairs area outside our bedroom would someday become a baby nursery, we've known that we will evenually glass in that side. However, living in our aprtment and learning the quirks of it made us realize that closing off that side would be impossible since nearly all of the heating vents for the apartment are there. If we want heat, we can't close it off.
Then I stummbled upon a Raydoor ad at the back of Metropolis magazine.
. Raydoor is an NYC based company run by a furniture designer Luke Siegel. He makes all sorts of sliding walls and doors, but his masterpiece is a telescoping sliding wall that has no floor tracks. Luckily for us he does custom sizes and designs so that we can have a frosted glass wall that can blend in with the rest of the mezzanine.


The Stella Carafe:

Ever since J & P had us over for homemade sushi and served us water in a beautiful carafe, I have wanted one of my own. This one works well for either wine or water and is available at Global Table , a tiny store in Soho that carries unique tableware from various countries (but I guess the name makes that obvious). The Stella carafe is from India.


Finally, I've found the perfect sofa:

Last weekend, our apartment building had an "open house" in order for all of us to check out each other's apartments(although everyone has seen our apartment since we held the last condo meeting in our place). We started on the top floor of our building, at a very nice, but not quite finished apartment belonging to a gay architect who was savvy enough in college to have purchased a Barcelona chair from a friend for $20. Then we went to the next apartment, which also belongs to a stylish gay guy, and it was there that we discovered our future couch. Made by Italian furniture company Molinari , the leather is buttery soft and it's so comfy. And best of all, Bri and I both fell in love at the same time.


A stainless steel patio heater:

I noticed a heater like this on a neighbor's roof deck and I thought it was a brilliant device. The heater provides a circle of heat about 20 feet in diameter, which is large enough to heat our patio.
Smith & Hawken has a gorgeous industrial-use one but it's $500. The one pictured is from Home Depot (the new one on W. 23rd St. is actually sort of nice and doesn't smell like sawdust) and is $200 less.


A new doormat:

It's difficult to find a doormat that isn't ugly or isn't "country". What quite a bit of sleuthing (I know, I can spend way too long looking for silly things) turned up were the two mats above. The top citron and black striped one is from CB2 , a younger and hipper sibling of Crate and Barrel and the bottom "Art Deco Swirl" mat is from Chiasso . The problem is now, does a door mat need to match the building's hallway? What if it clashes with a neighbor's doormat? Or do you go with the one that matches your own apartment's decor? Opinions?


Ann Sacks tile for our kitchen backsplash:

This tile line by Ann Sacks Tile & Stone is called the Erin Adams Zen Weave and it is described as having a "creative aesthetic that employs a wealth of color to reinvent any room. " Sounds like just what we need for our kitchen. I think a combination of bright greens, greys , and silver would be perfect. See, Bri, I'm getting open to the use of color. Sort of.


Angela Adams new Spike Rug:

Designed exclusively for Design Within Reach in 2004, the Spike Rug is inspired by the rugged coastal topography of Maine. Although I've never been to Maine (crazy, I know), this rug makes me want to go there. Actually, I'll skip the trip to Maine, go to Paris instead, and get this rug for our bedroom.


Coach's new Flatiron II leather overnight bag:

I've never liked Coach products, especially since working with the CEO's daughter and getting countless Coach picture frames and assorted other little goods from work because of the connection with said daughter. However, for the past five years I have yearned for the perfect black, leather overnight bag and this one comes close to perfection. The metal accents are silver, there are inside and outside pockets, and it's designed to fit under airplane seats.


Studio Nova Beeker vase:

Bri keeps telling me I am not allowed to get any more vases. But since she's not the boss of me, I think this may have to be the next addition to my collection (especially since I currently have a 15% discount through work). Mikasa's Studio Nova line does very modern, fun items (see my "Columbus Circle" dinnerware entry from last month) and right now it seems that many of their items are being discontinued. I guess is that the typical Mikasa fan wants things that are more traditional. Well, that's just my gain, then.