A new doormat:

It's difficult to find a doormat that isn't ugly or isn't "country". What quite a bit of sleuthing (I know, I can spend way too long looking for silly things) turned up were the two mats above. The top citron and black striped one is from CB2 , a younger and hipper sibling of Crate and Barrel and the bottom "Art Deco Swirl" mat is from Chiasso . The problem is now, does a door mat need to match the building's hallway? What if it clashes with a neighbor's doormat? Or do you go with the one that matches your own apartment's decor? Opinions?

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z said...

outside is chaotic, and not matchy. clashing doormats are quite important in teh world. it keeps us from living in that place in florida that is the disney suburb where you can get fined for having unmatching curtains.