A sliding wall for part of our mezzanine:

When we first bought our apartment and decided that the upstairs area outside our bedroom would someday become a baby nursery, we've known that we will evenually glass in that side. However, living in our aprtment and learning the quirks of it made us realize that closing off that side would be impossible since nearly all of the heating vents for the apartment are there. If we want heat, we can't close it off.
Then I stummbled upon a Raydoor ad at the back of Metropolis magazine.
. Raydoor is an NYC based company run by a furniture designer Luke Siegel. He makes all sorts of sliding walls and doors, but his masterpiece is a telescoping sliding wall that has no floor tracks. Luckily for us he does custom sizes and designs so that we can have a frosted glass wall that can blend in with the rest of the mezzanine.

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