Trace table by NaughtOne:

Even though we haven't yet found a home with enough room for a large dining table I'm still determined to get both. The 6-seater Trace table by the Leeds, England-based furniture company, NaughtOne, is my new favorite. It's available with an assortment of top materials, including oak and polished slate (with which I am entralled), and frame colors (of course, being a little boring, I like the black or white frames best).
And notice the rounded corners— very child friendly.


A cruise to Norway's Svalbard Archipelago:

Condé Nast Traveler highlighted Svalbard in their July issue and I immediately set my sights on this island in the Arctic Circle. This region features icebergs and glaciers, plus roaming polar bears, lounging seals, and fat walruses. Luckily late summer is the only time conditions allow for much visitation— Bri's work schedule works out perfectly for a change.

Clipper Cruises offers a nice 2-week cruise from Oslo and GAP Adventures offers a slightly shorter cruise. Both offer small Zodiac expeditions to see the wildlife. However, I really want one that will let me bring home a baby seal.


Photographs by Miklos Gaál:

A couple months ago I saw Gaál's work at an exhibit of young photographers at the Aperture Gallery. His work is very similar to that of Olivio Barbieri (see May 18 post) in that aerial scenes look like miniature train set scenes. Although his work isn't as polished as Barbieri's, there's still something intrquing about it.
I really love "Frozen sea" and some of Gaál's other photos that betray his Finnish roots.


Norman + Quaine "Chandra" credenza:

Norman + Quaine are an Australian design duo I've read about in the Aussie contemporary shelter book, Inside Out. I've fallen in love with this low credenza, which is also available with blonde wood doors and a white cabinet (of course Bri likes this supposedly "fun" version better).
I've decided that Australia, especially Melbourne and the southern part of the country, is the best place on earth. Of course, since I have not yet actually visited there, I'm not replacing Iceland as my favorite place in the world— yet. They have great design, good magazines, plus kangaroos, koalas and penguins. Maybe I can just get this credenza to hold me over until I muster the strength for the long plane ride (with a baby, teenager and a wife who can't sleep on planes).


A trip to the Remota lodge:

I've been coveting a trip to Patagonia for years (see my 01/26/2005 post and I just read about a hotel/resort near Puerto Natales, in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. The resort includes about a dozen excursions from which to choose each day— a boat trip through the glacial fjords, wildlife viewing, horseback riding and climbing to the base of Torres Del Paine.
How I wish we could discover an extra $6,000 for a 3-day stay there (plus a few days at a cheap little inn and an all-day glacier trek for me) before the little penguin arrives.


B&B Italia Landscape chaise:

American Jeffrey Bernett designed the Landscape Chaise in 2001, and last year it was updated with the addition of an armrest. The super-cool part of the chaise is that it has a magnetic headrest that can be positioned for maximum comfort and excellent posture.

Since Bri is well on her way to convincing me that we should purchase a new Ikea sofa instead of the more expensive one we found at Room & Board, I think that means we should also get this chaise. That only seems fair. (OK, I admit, the Ikea sofa is actually one of the nicest looking black leather couches that we've found. Why is it so difficult to find a contemporary leather sofa these days? Ok, we did see a couple other ones but they were $4000. $3000 is my limit of sanity.)