A trip to the Remota lodge:

I've been coveting a trip to Patagonia for years (see my 01/26/2005 post and I just read about a hotel/resort near Puerto Natales, in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. The resort includes about a dozen excursions from which to choose each day— a boat trip through the glacial fjords, wildlife viewing, horseback riding and climbing to the base of Torres Del Paine.
How I wish we could discover an extra $6,000 for a 3-day stay there (plus a few days at a cheap little inn and an all-day glacier trek for me) before the little penguin arrives.


bri said...

Yeah. But it looks like a nice free trip to the beach house is more in our budget. Sorry, my love.

lagiulia said...

"...a place so, so far away that even with an internet signal or a mobile phone connection, it is still ourselves who lose the connection..."

I'm confused. Are they trying to say there are no internet or phone connections? Or are they saying that there ARE these connections, you just won't want to use them. In which case, why have them. Please explain.

Wes said...

I'm not really sure but I couldn't fgure out how to get the words off the photo. And I don't really care if there are phones or no phones— I just want to go there and trek on the glacier and see llamas and relax in the Finnish sauna.

Bill Norris said...

Llamas are MEAN.

When I was a child, Sesame Street featured a song about going to the dentist with your llama. I loved that song. And then I met a llama at the petting zoo and it spit on me.

Llama is a very funny looking word.

Wes said...

I loved that Sesame Street segment, too. I thought having a llama would be totally cool. But are Llamas as mean as swanns? A swann in Stratford bit me when I tried to feed it.