Aberdeen desk by Wonk:

Wonk is a Brooklyn based furniture company that tries to produce beautiful and functional pieces that are also affordable. The Aberdeen desk is so sleek it definitely doesn't look affordable. The website doesn't list prices so maybe a little trek to Dumbo is in order.


6 more decades with my Bri:

Exactly 10 years ago (well 10 years minus 1 hour) Bri showed up at my apartment door. She wasn't what I had expected when I agreed to the blind date. After that night I decided she would be a good fling. I thought it would last a few months. Three months later she made me go away with her for a romantic weekend. I thought she was very pushy and I still thought she was just a distraction. Nine months later she moved in with me. I knew then she wasn't a fling but I wasn't so sure this would be permanent. I am so very glad I was wrong every step of the way. And I'm glad she was so sure of us.


Wingard Mod white wreath:

I love Christmas but I hate all those cheesy red and green Santa-themed decorations.
I like a nice white, winter-wonderland theme for the holidays and I think this wreath is a great opener. And the powder-coated steel means it lasts a lot longer than those traditonal pine wreathes.