Ceiling lights for our upstairs landing:

Logico by Artemide

Doko by Lithonia

LK30 by Illuminating Experiences

Edge 21 by Artemide

The renovations are going swimmingly and now we have to think ahead to all
things that will be needed to complete the garden and parlor floors. I'm stuck, though, on the right ceiling light for the landing upstairs.

At top is the Logico by Artemide. I think it looks like a floating cloud, which would cool since it will mostly be seen as one looks up the staircase toward it. It will really look as if its floating.

The Doko is about $200 cheaper but not nearly as cool looking,
although it's simple shape makes it pleasing.Or does it make it just
look like a school light from the 70s?

The LK30
is maybe cool-- or maybe not. I can't make up my mind. But, it's priced
midway between the 1st two. Maybe I would like it better if it was

And then there's the Edge by Artemide, which is super cool, and dare I say, fun. It makes me laugh.