A healthy, adorable baby penguin who sleeps long and sound:

With the good news of our eventual new arrival, today I covet a little beast that is healthy and cute preferably with blue eyes (to match mine) and a penchant for sleep and all things stylish. And if it could also say one of the dog's names as its first word (as I did), be an early walker (like GMB did at 10 months) and be brilliant, I would be delighted. Also, if it looks a little like this penguin chick I promise to hold it on my feet whenever Bri is out.


Whitehaus Collection Aeri birch bathroom sink:

In our recent real estate quest, I've seen only one bathroom sink that I actually like. It's just another reason why I really want to renovate a building for ourselves. And when we do, I'm putting this rectangular birch sink with matching storage drawer (but not that ugly matching mirror) into one of the bathrooms. And nobody can stop me. (Well, I guess Bri could, but….)


Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera:

Today's paper (I don't remember if it was the NY Times or the Wall St. Journal) announced the impending arrival of a new 10 MP digital SLR camera. Not only is it under $1000 (which is nearly half of what the 10 MP Nikon D200 costs) but Sony is also working with Carl Zeiss to produce high-end lenses for it.
I must say the snob in me feels that a Sony camera could never be as good as a Nikon or Canon, but Sony has just basically merged with Minolta (or I guess I should say Minolta just folded its camera business and gave its technology to Sony) which should make this a high quality camera.
I can't wait to see what user reviewers say about it over the next couple months. Maybe this will be my birthday present. (Hint, hint.)


"Log" benches and table:

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa created these clever hollow benches and side tables for classic Swedish furniture producer Swedese. At the right angle the oiled oak forms look just like felled trees. They would look great in our garden— hopefully the wood stands up to moisture!