6 more decades with my Bri:

Exactly 10 years ago (well 10 years minus 1 hour) Bri showed up at my apartment door. She wasn't what I had expected when I agreed to the blind date. After that night I decided she would be a good fling. I thought it would last a few months. Three months later she made me go away with her for a romantic weekend. I thought she was very pushy and I still thought she was just a distraction. Nine months later she moved in with me. I knew then she wasn't a fling but I wasn't so sure this would be permanent. I am so very glad I was wrong every step of the way. And I'm glad she was so sure of us.


bri said...

Pushy but right. Precisely. I am so glad you knew what was good for you and listened to me. And put up with me. And loved me. And love me. I love you.

lagiulia said...

That's sweet. I love the photo, too. Here's to many more years of dating.
Love, LaGoo
ps- I'm impressed you celebrate your dating anniv. We were 7 years on Sept. 28, but neither one of us remembered. That's it, I am making you my romance mentors.

Melissa said...

Happy 10 years! (even though it makes me feel old) That's such a beautiful picture.

Shelli said...

Mazal Tov on 10 years - that's SO awesome.

And anyone who will go sit at an auction for a womb chair, well, it's GOT to be love!

ladybug said...

you are such a beautiful couple!
wishing you 6 more decades together of love and womb chairs and whippets! ;)