One of Olivo Barbieri's "Site Specific" Photos:

Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri has recently been exhibiting his series "Site Specific", which are large-scale, aerial views of ancient architecture in places such as Rome and Jordan and modern architecture in L.A., Shanghai and Las Vegas. The entire series manages to skew scale and reality— the photos look like they are images of toy models.

Barbieri accomplishes the look by working from a helicopter about 400 feet in the air (which is approximately the height of my office on the 41st floor) using a large-format camera with a tilt-focus lens.

I love this image of the Coliseum but I have a feeling Bri would prefer this image of The Queen Mary.


z said...

i have noticed quite a lust surge since your injury

are you always so covetous, and merely have more time to blog now?

or does the lust relieve the pain?

i have been using lust to relieve pain for years. while just a temporary fix, with a painful and lasting hang-over, lust really can be the best treatment for certain symptoms

bri said...

HOLY SHIT I love that. Can we have both?

Anonymous said...

um, have i mentioned that i can't stand the word credenza? just thought i'd share.
xo, Asia

Wes said...

Since my injury I have had way more free time on my hands since I can no longer do all the active things I enjoy, so my lust level is way up. I think lust only extricates you from pain if you can actually obtain the object you lust for. Without attainment I just feel sad. But maybe that's just a result of my boredom and frustration about the state of my body.
In response to other comments, I love the word credenza and plan to use it frequently. So what word do you use instead Miss Asia? Sideboard? That's a word that feels very 1800s Midwestern prairie to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm really not sure what I prefer; I have absolutely zero occasion for a vocabulary for non-essential furniture. My step-dad definitely used sideboard in his antique store, I think. Is there a third possibility? Is it the same as a buffet? How about cabinet?
xo, A