Lindblad Expeditions Galapagos cruise:

To be able to nap this close to sea lions would be a dream come true. There are numerous cruises and yachts that travel around the Galapagos Islands, but Linblad is the premier luxury, adventure, eco-friendly cruise line (it does seem like an oxymoron but it perfectly describes my style of travel). The best part is that Linblad offers special photography workshops on some trips that feature National Geographic photographers working with a group of only 16 student passengers and offering
one-on-one mentoring.
Any trip with a National Geographic photographer on board to teach classes would be great, but add sea lions, giant tortoises, swimming iguanas and tropical penguins and it practically gives me heart palpitations of excitement.
If only I had a spare $20,000 to take the whole family.

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