Satyr chair by ForUse:

I am generally drawn to any animistic object, so of course I am smitten with this bird-like lounge chair. Austrian Design trio ForUse— Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic— came out with the Satyr chair this year for German company ClassiCon. Since I haven't found a NYC store carrying it yet, I may have to make a trip to Berlin as soon as I get off crutches.


lagiulia said...

You know the nice part of your current plight? You get more blog traffic. Just think, you can use your challenge to educate clueless readers such as myself on the world of design. (Tears of profundity are flowing as I write this.) Just remember to use your power for good and not evil.

Wes said...

JB— you are the very, very best. Thank you so much for all the yummy food.
And thank you for being such a good pupil.