A padded Bubblewrap suit:

After this past weekend I've decided I need a soft, padded, protective suit to keep me safe. A suit of Bubblewrap would be perfect. Anything to avoid another injury— I've have now reached injury number 3 in a mere 18 months.

December 2004: Sprained ligament in my left ankle from overuse (i.e. too much running, yoga, pulling at the dogs to keep them from eating chicken bones on the street). It took about 2 months of physical therapy and about 5 months without running before it healed.

February 2006: Sprained ligament in my right wrist from over use. Once again I can blame pulling on the dogs, along with yoga and typing. Physical therapy completed in April, about 80 percent recovered.

April 29, 2006: Broken right 3rd metatarsal. Expected time before I can once again put weight on my right foot: 8 weeks.


Anonymous said...

boo! i'm so sorry it's broken!

Melissa said...

heh heh. I like the suits. But I'm very sorryb about your foot.

lagiulia said...

Sorry about your foot, li'l furby. I hope it heals quickly. In the meantime, I'm ordering you some Jac LaLanne and Fran Carlton LPs to listen to, to help you visualize that day when you can once again do workouts that include deep knee bends and scissor kicks, as well as exercises that require simple household items such as a broom or a bag of flour.

Wes said...

Yippee. There's nothing like Jack LaLanne to keep a guy happy. I grew up watching that guy thanks to my mother's fitness habits. (No wonder I am the way I am, right?)

weasel said...

I am doubly sad as Wayne Rooney broke one of his metatarsals too this weekend.

Wes said...

Sorry to hear of Manchester's loss. But if he's like GMB, who broke his toe but continued to play (definitely not my advice), maybe he'll just suck up the pain.
I guess it's good I earn my money sittng at a desk all day instead of playing football.