Finally, I've found the perfect sofa:

Last weekend, our apartment building had an "open house" in order for all of us to check out each other's apartments(although everyone has seen our apartment since we held the last condo meeting in our place). We started on the top floor of our building, at a very nice, but not quite finished apartment belonging to a gay architect who was savvy enough in college to have purchased a Barcelona chair from a friend for $20. Then we went to the next apartment, which also belongs to a stylish gay guy, and it was there that we discovered our future couch. Made by Italian furniture company Molinari , the leather is buttery soft and it's so comfy. And best of all, Bri and I both fell in love at the same time.


Bill Norris said...

Nice couch. When I next visit the North East, perhaps I can spend a night on it?

Nice redesign.

Wes said...

Perhaps. But you would have to promise to sleep gently. When are you going to come North again anyway?

Bill Norris said...

Not sure. It ain't cheap to get back that way at the moment.