Omnia brushed stainless steel door handles:

When we moved into our old apartment one of the things I wanted to do was replace the round knobs with sleek handles. I never did it, but now I have an excuse: The other night we tried to close the dogs out of our bedroom but when Bri pulled the door knob it pulled off in her hand. So, we need new door hardware. And new doors.

I really love the handles from Valli & Valli (especially this one by Brisitish architect and designer John Pawson), but they are outrageously expensive. Omnia makes very similar ones for about a third of the price, so they will do. I assume Bri will like the handle above best, but I really prefer this one.

Either one is a thousand times better than what we currently have.


Shelli said...

OK, I'm ALL about sassy door handles.

I even switched ALL of the door handles in our pad to be brushed aluminum level handles.

Here's why I NOW am sad about that switch.

It's WAY too easy for Malka to open the door. And escape.

to G-d knows where.

Which means we have to GATE her bedroom door. UGH.

I'm just saying.

But then again, you may have to wait at least a year or slightly longer before TK figures out door handles. It's just that the lever ones? WAY easier for toddlers to maneuver.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say ... if you haven't bought these yet, you might reconsider because of your pets. My cat could always open doors with this kind of handle, which is a big pain. I would imagine that most big dogs could figure them out, too.