A classic Gucci suit (like the one recently purchased by the fabulous C.U.Z.):

A couple weeks before Christmas the Gargantuan Man-Boy proclaimed, "I'd like a Gucci suit." Imagine my hysteric laughter. (You're 15! Why on Earth would you need a Gucci suit? And you definitely aren't getting one if I don't have one!) I, too, would love to own a perfect-fitting Gucci suit.
Over the following few weeks both GMB and myself made due with the numerous Christmas presents we received but continued to long for the luxury suit. And then this weekend I got an email from the notorious and fabulous L.A.-living C.U.Z. Guess what? He obtained his very own much-coveted Gucci suit. And it was on sale at Loehmann's for less than $600. I think it's time I start hitting the discount stores.


Bill Norris said...

I assume, that unlike Leo's, the suit bought by Z. is actually tailored to fit him?

Wes said...

The suit bought by Z. for a paltry sum actually fit him like a glove, with no tailoring needed. Lucky bastard.