A wild boar piglet:

For Christmas my wonderful wife gave me several baby animal videos to feed my insane desire for a baby penguin. We watched one of videos last night and discovered this cute little creature, which looks sort of like a cross between a chipmunk and a piglet. The piglets run and hop in a fashion similar to bunnies and they wrestle and play like puppies. I'd still prefer a penguin but a baby boar seems a little more practical for walking on a leash.


Bill Norris said...

What happens when it turns into an adult wild boar?

weasel said...

Regarding the penguins, this wasn't you, was it?

Our senior dog is a schipperke and is often mistaken for a pig or boar; perhaps you could try a test run with one?

Wes said...

The penguin napping was not me, although when I heard the new story I considered a copy-cat crime. However, I would have taken the mother. What good is a dead baby penguin?