Meme (from unwellness—sort of)

What were you coveting ten years ago this month?
A magazine job in NYC and a brand new life

If I only knew then what I know now, maybe I would have picked a different field.

What were you coveting eight years ago this month?
Full custody

What were you coveting six years ago this month?
Sanity, the ability to make a decision, and the ability to see into the future so I could know what decision to make

What were you coveting four years ago this month?
Valium for my dear bridezilla

What were you coveting two years ago this month?
Happiness for Bri and a closing date for our still-not-completed apartment

What are you coveting right now?
A manufacturer for one of the components of my dog beds and a new couch

What have you learned from this?
Years later, I can never remember my material needs, only my emotional ones. Profound.

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bri said...

Oh... my very deep and profound and amazing husband.... I do love you.