Cole Haan's Edwin cap toe lace-up:

I know I've mentioned this before but, when you are a small guy, only the very expensive brands make your size. It's not just me being snobby and faggy. It's pretty much a fact. (OK, Mexx, the cheap, Dutch clothing company, does make a few items in XS.)

I've been searching for a black cap toe shoe but can only find nice, $500 Gucci numbers in my size. But last night I came across this Cole Haan model, which is currently on sale for more than 50 percent off. (Bri, did you just read that? "More than 50 percent off"!) That is the one very small (no pun intended) upside— Cole Haan very rarely sells out of its small sizes and therefore they go on sale. (However, they only make a few of their shoes in small sizes.)

For anyone out there who wants to start a business, the small-guy niche is wide open.


bri said...

Do you REALLY need another pair of dress shoes? Admittedly, I fail to keep track of these sorts of things. It truly seems like you are constantly buying shoes. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY need them, we can talk.


But you are one very expensive boy lately, sir.

Note: The word verification for this was "nczit". Which means you are a zit. From North Carolina.

Wes said...

I am so woefully low on shoes, unlike my little princess who had to have her very own shoe clloset designed to hold her shoes.

I got a new pair of brown dress shoes. But I still need the black ones. I think you are just thinking of all the shoes I've desired but not purchased.