Nambe's Aurora vase:

Just because Briar had to use her blog as a space to complain about my love of vases and claim that it has a deep, Freudian implication, I have chosen to highlight another vase I covet.
This vase was designed by Fred Bould, who studied industrial design at Carnegie Mellon, my father's and grandfather's alma mater (also the alma mater of Jamie, our very favorite carpenter/wood worker/designer, who built our bookshelves, closet, baby changing table, etc).
Nambe makes beautiful items that look like scultpure. The company is devoted as passionately to form as it is to function. Louis Sullivan— who coined the phrase "form follows function"— would be proud.


Bill Norris said...

Hello, Sig...Oh, nevermind. But take a look at those things.

Wes said...

Not very subtle, are they?

Mondale said...

Freud? Off the scale dude!