Ligne Roset Offrande glasses:

Ligne Roset makes some of the most stunningly beautiful objects ever. I am lusting over these clear mouth-blown Champagne, wine and water glasses designed by Parisian Pascal Mourgue. They also look great holding flowers.
Ligne Roset was founded in 1860 in Montagnieu, France, as a small business making bentwood walking sticks. Now it's a contemporary furnishings company. What an odd transformation, but one that I am very happy occurred.


Bill Norris said...

Have to be contrary here. The shape of the wine and bubbles glasses in particular will create issues. That sort of glassware will dissapate the bubbles in Champagne far too quickly and the bowls in the wine glasses are all wrong.

Glassware is one of those things where function should take the lead over form. Thankfully, the simply elegant people at Riedel make clean lined, beautiful glass that will also enhance your choice of vino.

They feel amazing in your hand, and, if you're really anal, they give you the chance to spend far too much money on lovely, useful things.

Stemware should be about enhancing what's put in it, pulling the best from your nose and tongue, while not neglecting your eyes.

These glasses are way too much form and not nearly enough function. If you're willing to spend good money on glass, you should want the wine in the glass to shine too. It's not going to happen with these glasses.

Bill Norris said...

That said, the furniture is excellent.

Wes said...

Ah, I miss having you here to inform me of all matters drink related. But I still like these. I guess I'll just take the water glasses.

Bill Norris said...

I've been waiting for Z. to chime in here.