Brooks Brothers Vintage Grey Herringbone Wool Suit:

Usually Brooks Brothers is a little too conservative for me, but this vintage-style suit they've come out with for this season is incredibly hip. And, it actually has flat-front pants. The best part, though, is that it actually comes in a 36 short, which is practically unheard of for off-the-racks suits under $900. Maybe someone out there can explain why off-the-rack short sizes typically start at 38 or 40. Are there so few off us short, thin guys in the world? Anyway, this may have to be my Christmas present. (Bri: Hint, hint. After all, don't I need something gorgeous to wear to the fabulous C.U.Z.'s New Year's Eve party?)


bri said...

I love how it says "Under $900" because it's $898. That, my dear, qualifies as MORE than $900 after tax.

Bill Norris said...

Buy it in Jersey. No sales tax on clothes in Jersey.

Wes said...

Or I could just order it online and have it sent to Bill's Mom! And since they offer free shipping then it really would be under $900.