"Icy Prospects" Photograph by Jorma Puranen:

Finnish photographer Jorma Puranen created these amazing, painterly photographs by capturing the reflection of nature on the surface of a wooden board painted with black, glossy alkyd paint. The photos have a Gerhard Richter-esque feel.

I need a trip to Galerie Anhava in Helsinki to make a little purchase. I think a trip to Finland with the bambino will be in order if said baby actually makes it into the world (preferably if there is only one bambino and it is small enough to sit in a Baby Bjorn all day as I traipse through museums and galleries).


Anonymous said...

u r cute.

told you i was going to be trolling your blog.


A's J said...

It's official. Jorma Puranen (b. 1951) is my new favorite photographer. Thanks for adding a new obsession to my buffet.

Wes said...

J— I'm so glad you're a fan, too.
And La Goo, stop stalking me! You know I'm taken.