Yes, Coveting is back. It is now "Coveting, the renovation edition."

Keep posted to see all things related to our brownstone remodeling project.

To start off, I'm starting small.

Signo House Numbers

What's so great about this house number from Chiasso? Besides being stainless steel and in a Helvetica-like
font, the best part is its tiny price tag of $18. Definitely beats the
DWR Neutra House numbers , which although beautiful, Bri tells me they are overpriced at $75 each.


Bill Norris said...

After seeing the photos on Bri's site, I'm certain you're coveting quite a lot.

Welcome back

jess-nutt said...

I'm happy to see that we share an appreciation of Helvetica, which I consider to be only the greatest font ever.

kimberly said...

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