Flensted Symphony in 3 Parts Mobile:

Flensted mobiles have been made in Denmark (where mobile-making is a traditional craft) by the Flensted family since 1954. They make amazing abstract models along with cutesy baby-type ones, all of which are created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Of course I prefer the abstract ones for the future bambino. I think "Symphony in 3 Parts" is elegant, but will also look good from below. I'm also a fan of their "Turning Leaves" model. My two favorites come in black and white, which at the time Calvin was born was thought to be the most visually stimulating for infants. Now they've come up with research that says babies are stimulated by bright colors more. Good thing we painted the wall and ceiling of the baby nook a brilliant sea blue.

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