Rosendahl stackable wine rack:

We haven't been able to find a wine rack that works in our new kitchen and we've taken to just storing all our wine in the ridge (it is all white, after all). However, whenever we get a FreshDirect order, our fridge gets too stuffed for anything extra to fit. So, I think it's time for us to get a wine rack.
This stainless steel one from Rosendahl, a Danish company that focuses on good design, can be mounted to the wall. Perfect for our small kitchen.


ms.bri said...

A) What the hell is that thing and how is it supposed to hold wine while mounted on the wall?

B) Just how much wine do you think you're going to be drinking when I am pregnant?

Wes said...

Depending on you, I may be drinking a whole lot of wine!
There is a special wall adapter kit to make it wall mountable. It looks like it's hanging there by magic. Very cool.

Bill Norris said...

Even those expecting are allowed (nay, encouraged if you happen to have a French doctor) to quaf the odd glass of red from time to time. The iron or something.

And, I suspect Wes is going to need a drink from time to time, natch?

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