Adobe Creative Suite 2 software:

I've been trying to design fabric patterns for my burgeoning business but I'm really not so good at drawing freehand (especially when it comes to drawing straight lines or perfect circles). I've managed to do a few designs usually the rudimentary drawing tools offered by Microsoft Office, but that only gets you so far. What I really need is Adobe Illustrator and all the other fun software that comes in this bundle— "real" Photoshop (not just the Elements version that comes with Macs) and a program I've never heard of, Adobe GoLive, which helps you create Web sites. It's everything I need for my new business. And it would be a nice tax write-off since it costs $900. Too bad you have to buy it BEFORE you get the write-off.


bri said...

"and a program I've never heard of, Adobe GoLive, which is helps you create Web sites"

I love how I told you that this is what I would use to do a preliminary website for you. Ahem. It's what I used to make mine at work.

Wes said...

I'm pretty sure you never uttered the words "Adobe GoLive."