A French bulldog puppy (or two):

A week or so ago, Bri and I were on the Upper East Side and walked by one of the most dangerous stores in the city for us. There were about 4 or 5 French bulldog puppies in the window and we were very, very tempted to bring one home. I was partial to a brindle and white one that was hopping about like a bunny, tackling his brothers and sisters. Bri liked an almost identical one who was quietly sitting in the corner watching the action without getting involved. As we watched, Bri's favorite laid down and my guy sat down on him to get a nice, long drink of water. We seriously considered bringing both of them home. After all, how could we split up siblings who were obviously so close? And maybe Gertie would be sleep better if we got her a puppy to cuddle with.
Originally French bulldogs were developed in England as a miniature version of the English bulldog. In the mid-19th century, French breeders imported some of these very small bulldogs from Great Britain and bred them with French terriers. Supposedly French women were immediately drawn to the little bulldogs, particularly the ones with erect ears (the French tried to breed the dogs for the "bat" ears, which the English supposedly disliked). Parisians of all classes, from "streetwalkers" to the gay and artisan communities, were responsible for the popularity of this breed and its subsequent naming.
And, hence, they are responsible for one of my favorite dog breeds. I do love those Parisians.


Bill Norris said...

No. Lexi needs a big dog to play with. Like a mastif. A mastif would be good.

And you can use them as pillows too.

weasel said...

God, there is a pair a couple of blocks down my street you can come and dog-nap: yappy, yappy, yappy- shrill in the juliennes the bone marrow kind of way. They scare the crap out of my poor former hobo German Shep.

Although it could just be my Englishness, disliking their ears.

Wes said...

Lexie says a mastiff is a little too big. A Greyhound, would be much better. But Gertie is the one who needs a friend to keep her from whining outside our bedroom door at night.
But that yappy bit makes me nervous. We do not need another dog that barks. gertie makes enough noise for everyone.

Bill Norris said...

Gertie and a Great Dane?