Coveting is changing gears, because, well, I need help.
For those of you who know me in real life you may have noticed I've gained a little weight since Bri's third trimester. Between planning for the baby, starting the renovation and now getting very little sleep, my gym schedule went completely out
the window and my eating became crap. Of course I am not fat now, but my clothes are all tight and I've noticed some extra padding in places I don't want padding. I'm accustomed to being thin and that's how I want to stay.

I've been trying to do We*ght W*tchers online but for the first time in my life I haven't had the motivation to stick to something on my own. It's not like me at all and it kind of freaks me out. Usually when I make up my mind to do something, I just
do it. End of story. But this is different for some reason. Maybe it's
all the stress and exhaustion and chaos in my life right now.
I thought about going to a We*ght W*tchers meeting just to have some other people to whom I'd feel accountable. But I'm not a joiner. Bri looked at me in horror when I first suggested it. She said I would not like it. And I know she is right— I hate groups. I am the complete opposite of my wife.

So I am making you, readers, help me stay accountable and motivated. Unlike my usual product posts (which I'm sure will still be included sometimes) I am actually going to write about personal and emotional stuff (we'll see how that goes). And every Wednesday I'm going to post how much weight I've lost (or gained… gulp) since the last week. I'm aiming to lose 19 pounds, which will put me in the middle of the We*ght W*tchers suggested weight range. Wish me luck


cristin said...

ok, i read it so you're accountable now ;-)

cristin said...

sorry, that should have read 'you are being held accountable now' Gah! sleep deprivation. Our babies were born on the same day!

Kat said...

luck! i'll pay attention :) maybe you can even manage to motivate me!!

gypsygrrl said...

hmmm. maybe there could be a non-joiner blogging-W*-W* support group? HAHA

good luck in your goals ~ i've enjoyed reading all your stuff here!