A nice, new steel back door handle:

When we moved into our brand new apartment I was dismayed to see that the developer had for some reason used a curvy brass door handle on our patio door. Not only is it butt-ugly, but it also clashes with the entire apartment. I thought it simply meant we would have to go out and buy a new door handle. That would be wasting a bit of money, but it would simply mean going to any of the numerous cool "hardware" stores in the city ( Simon's Hardware & Bath on 3rd Ave being my favorite and the place I got our cool bedroom door pulls). Of course, we never seem to get things done the easy way, so the type of door that we have can only take door handles made by Andersen , the company that made the door. Luckily, they have the Metro "Anvers" handle, which basically matches the handle on our front door. Of course, though, the handle costs $200! It seems like our developer should have used this handle in the first place. Oy.

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