Today I'd really only like to see a return to normalcy for Indonesia, Thailand and the other regions effected by the tsunamis.

The Aceh province in Indonesia once looked like this:

But now this is what it is like there:

The earthquake measuring 9.0 magnitude struck the western end of Indonesia's Sumatra Island at 7 a.m. local time, Sunday, Dec 26th, flattening buildings and sending a wall of water higher than the tops of coconut palms into the towns and villages in the province of Aceh. It was the fourth-largest earthquake since such measurements began in 1899.
Some of the resulting tsunamis reached as far as 91,000 miles from the epicenter of the quake (as far away as the eastern coast of Africa), which was located about 100 miles off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra Island at a depth of about 6 miles.
The death count currently stands at 150,000, with 500,000 seriously injured and millions lefthomeless.
To help, donate money to the Red Cross , Oxfam or similar groups.

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