A fawn like this one:

My Mom just forwarded me an email from a friend of a friend who found a sic fawn in their yard and took it inside to nurse it back to health. Their dog immediately took over the parenting and now the dog and fawn sleep together. I think Lexie would like a fawn of her own.


Bill Norris said...

Yes, I think a fawn would go nicely in the "food chain" household. I'm sure Gertie would love it.

By the way, you realize that a kid can't use the Kinder chair until 18 mos...

Wes said...

I think Gertie would just love a fawn.
I, too, thought a Kinderzeat was only for older kids but it actually comes with a special strap thing for kids that are 6 months old. Do you think I would not have fully looked into this?

Bill Norris said...

I'm trying to help you out here. The nest would look great in your house and the good people at Stokke clearly say:

It's time for STOKKE KinderZeat® once your child is 18 months and has reached these critical milestones:

*Sits well unassisted
*Is fidgeting or trying to get out of the highchair
*Enjoys feeding himself or herself
*Likes participating in family meals
*Has begun to or is learning how to climb
*Admires or imatates older friends or siblings

So, until s/he starts climbing and pretending to be like either Child One or Gertie, I think you're going to need the Nest too.

asia said...

oh my god. that is so cute it hurts.

Wes said...

I have been told I will never, ever have the Nest. But I guess she couldn't do anything if it just showed up at our door one day. Except she could withhold certain favors.

Anonymous said...

that fawn is a great idea. i will tell our upstairs neighbors to keep an eye on your backyard, and i will definitely call you as soon as a sick fawn wanders in.