The Modern Fan Company's Halo ceiling fan:

After suffering through a winter of a hot upstairs and a cold downstairs, We've concluded that we need a ceiling fan. The Halo fan from The Modern Fan Company has a fluorescent light that is large enough to light up an entire room so it could solve our lighting problem downstairs. It also will look perfect with the new sconces I've eyed for the living room walls (see Jan. 1st post)Plus, it qualifies for the EPA’s Energy Star labeling as a highly efficient, energy conserving design. And it's not one of the modern fans that you see everywhere around NYC. I really hate being just like everyone else.
Lighting by Gregory, a huge store on Bowery that I once dragged Bri to in the middle of a rain storm, has it for $120 under the suggested retail price. I really like that.


ms.bri said...

Notice how he says "$120 under the suggested retail price" rather than giving me the goddamn price already. He likes to lead with the good news. Blast him.

Wes said...

That's because you think everything is too expensive. Only once you spend a couple months pricing things do you realise that the things I like aren't completely over priced (OK, sometimes they are, but not always).