It looks like the winning highchair is going to be the Stokke KinderZeat:

After reading the comments to yesterday's post (well, just one of the comments), it looks like we're going back to our original winning highchair . (Yes, I'm whipped.)
Stokke is a very cool Norwegian company that's been making the KinderZeat for as long as I've been alive. However, their products have only been available in the US for the last several years. Bri likes the KinderZeat because it looks good and costs $200. I like it because it has such a simple, clean line and comes in plain birch so it will match our own dining chairs, the Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen . And I like saying KinderZeat.
But I still like the "Nest" better.


Bill Norris said...

Hold out for the nest. Perhaps a miracle will happen and the exchange rate will fix itself right into shape and you will find the Nest for your price.

Yes, you're whipped.

Bill Norris said...

And, I'm telling you there's got to be a way that you can make your employer foot the bill on this.

Wes said...

I told Briar the whole exchange-rate-might-change thing, too. She said that would only happen if it took us way too long to get get her knocked up. (She didn't use the phrase "knocked-up" but it is one that I've really taken too and think that is how I'm going to describe her the whole time she's pregnant. As in, "Hello my darling knocked-up wife" and "It's your own fault you got knocked up and now feel ill every morning". I think she'll love it.)

Bill Norris said...

Oh, yes. Knocked up. She'll love that when she's hunched over the bowl being morning sick.

Anonymous said...

Our theory of baby stuff was and is 1)hand-me-downs 2)borrow 3)used oh, and 4)gifted.

If you want to switch to our method, I think I have an easy to hose off Graco high chair in my parents basement.

If not, and you guys are on the opposite side of the decorating spectrum as us, I will be thrilled to come visit your stuff!

Wes said...

Good baby stuff theory, there. I'm just way too much of an aesthetic control freak for that to ever work for baby furniture. Unless, of course, it involves the Precious Moments toddler bed, then I'll be all over it.