A bunny:

For the past two weeks I've been longing for Timothy the bunny, who is up for adoption from a cat shelter somewhere in Pennsylvania. He and his brother, Filbert, are about 3 1/2 months old now and I think would fit in well with our menagerie. In fact, Timothy looks quite a lot like Artemis (except for the gigantic ears, of course).
Bri says we don't need any more pets but she's obviously wrong.


Shelli said...

that's a VERY cute bunny!

Bunnies are cute.

They poop and chew on stuff a lot, but they are cute.

The puppies may think you brough over a live dinner, but again, the bunny is cute.

So, um, I'd say that cute always wins.

lagiulia said...

Um, aside from wishing you luck on your quest for Timothy, I am congratulating you on the start of factory work on your products. SO excited for and impressed by you.

weasel said...

I don't have a bunny for you but I do have a happy update in Kidnapped Penguin News.

Wes said...

Maybe I'll kidnap one of those chicks-- but I won't dump mine in an empty lot like that dolt.
Timothy will love having a penguin sibling.