Octahedron Vases:

Bri always says I don't need any more vases (OK, I do have a slight addiction to them; read whatever you want into that), but I think she is wrong this time. These Japanese molded stoneware bud vases from Garnet Hill look like origami creations. And they're on sale.


bri said...

You know the scene in "Mommie Dearest" where Joan Crawford beats her kid and screams, "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS"?

Yeah. Imagine that. Only instead of wire hangers, substitute VASES.

PS. I used to play Mommie Dearest on the playground in 3rd or 4th grade. I wonder how many of my teachers thought I was secretly being abused at home or something. Good God. What a freak am I.

Wes said...

So I guess that means I would be in trouble if I bought these?

Shelli said...

heh - y'al are just WAY too cool for us - Narda is TOTALLY on a minamalist kick now, all THANKS TO WES.

We may just have to SERIOUSLY hire you to come do our closets wiht the Elfa system.




Call me.

And I'm with Bri on the vases. We have a ton, but they just collect dust. And quincy just eats the flowers we put in them. So they end up being pointless anyway.