More Confidence:

Sometimes I look at GMB and wonder how on earth he became so confident. He exudes self-assuredness, so much so that it's a little on this side of pompous. I know that's often the case with teenagers.
Unfortunately, I was never like that at 15— or 30.
I have moments when I know I'm just as talented as everyone else, just as attractive and worthy, but that lasts only moments. Most of the time I surely think people must be thinking how boring I am, or how huge my ass is, or how I am not very ambitious. And I feel like shit. It makes me feel very average, in the very worst sense of the word.
The problem is that I don't really know how to go about gaining confidence. I think that if I become successful enough, then I will gain confidence. Or if only I made more money I would realize that surely I must be a clever guy. But of course I'm smart enough to know that kind of thinking gets you nowhere.
So, what's the secret to becoming a confident person? Does it just come naturally to some and those of us without it are out of luck? Or is there something like a 5-month, 5-step plan to being bold and confident?


lagiulia said...

You're asking the wrong person.
I know it won't give you confidence and is probably just feeding your need for outside approval, but. You are one of the most proactive people I've ever met in terms of making your life your own, from your very identity to your sprouting business. That you take chances to be who you are is so remarkable, and it is even more remarkable in light of the fact that you have not and do not have a lot of confidence on your side. You may not be confident, but you follow your vision, at least sometimes, which is more than most can say. Yes, it would be ideal to be confident in who you are and thereby enjoy being who you are. But if you cannot do that, I think being who you are and struggling to have confidence is better than being a confident dumbass. But if your main objective is perpetual happiness, then you might pick the dumbass instead I guess.
Sorry to ramble, need coffee. (See, do you sense my lack of confidence in my comment? Shit.)

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with JB. You already ARE bold and confident in your own way -- you just don't recognize it as such. The trick is to be able to see it, I guess?

ps- i think you are fabulous.

Wes said...

Thank you both. You're the best confidencee boosters.