I definitely could not covet any better friends. Thank you to everyone who has said such nice, empathetic sentiments either here, in emails or in real life.

But today I covet...

A more equal view of mothers and fathers.

As I mentioned before most people at work stopped asking me how I was doing several days ago. However, a few work friends continue to ask how Briar is doing. And even some friends who I have just told recently via email responded by asking about Bri, but not about my emotions. I just think this is odd. And so emblematic of the ingrained sexist stereotypes surrounding parenting.

In truth, I am doing quite a bit better than I was last week. And I think I'm doing better than Bri— probably only because I've moved into a place where I believe we'll go one to have a healthy baby next time (And because my body isn't running amuck like hers).


Amanda said...

Hear, hear about parental-role stereotypes! I covet the same thing. I am glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

Shelli said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!