Photograph by Pablo Zuleta Zahr:

I saw Zuleta Zahr's work earlier this year in Aperture's reGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow exhibit and was fascinated by the patterns created by the subjects in his pieces. What's even more amazing is how he got these images. The Chilean photographer set up his video camera in the Santiago subway and shot for ten hours at a time. Then he arranged the stills in color-coordinated patterns, making sure no person appears more than one time.
The image above, "Chilean Women in Blue", is my favorite. And it's available though the Verona gallery Studio La Città(but I've been too scared to find out the price.)


charlotte said...

I covet this: covethttp://www.icehotel.com/Winter/Stay/Sleep/
I'm sure I would sleep like shit, but how romantic. And the chairs they made one year for it:

And don't get me started on the church next to the hotel, where people actually get married. Jesus.

This place is only a 10 hour flight from NY.

Am I allowed to share what I covet here? Or is that bad form?

Wes said...

Oh, Charlotte, Bri and I both totally want to go there! We've talked about it for years. I adore pretty much anything with good design, snow and ice.