Cole Haan's Durham Chelsea waterproof boot:

I have a confession— most of my shoes are about a half size too big. It's incredibly difficult to find a men's size 6 (which is what I really, truly am)or 6 1/2 (what I can make do with, especially if I'm wearing thick socks), so I usually try to make a size 7 work. And guess what, it just doesn't work. I was walking to the subway today in boots I bought about 2 years ago and I realized how very uncomfortable it is to walk in too-big shoes. So, the first thing I did when i got into the office was check to see if Cole Haan makes a cool boot in size 6. And this is it. Luckily, it's even waterproof. Briar, this would be a good Christmas present (hint, hint) but it's over our $100 limit.

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