The Lytegem Lamp designed by Michael Lax:

I think this is the cutest little light— it almost looks like a pet. I'm not alone in thinking it's cool— it was recognized by the late noted industrial designer Jay Doblin as one of the 20th century’s 100 great product designs
Design Within Reach is selling this commemerative edition light from Lightolier and I think it would be a perfect reading light for over our bed. It's head swivels 360° and the light intensity can be changed from low to high using a switch located on the base.


ms.bri said...

In case anyone was wondering who he's trying to sell this to, it's me. We have a longstanding bedside lamp argument. Bickering topic #24,387.

Wes said...

I thought maybe if you saw it again you would grow to like it.

dre said...

I have this original lamp from 1965, how much would you say this is worth?