My object of desire today is not a material good. Instead, it's Spike the Porcupine:

• I think I've been longing for a porcupine for 5 years now and I know that Bri is going to say I can't have Spike because he has a home, but … I would really like a porcupine just like him. He would be a great addition to our menagerie.

• According to what his family wrote on PetoftheDay.com, "He snuggles me like a big teddy bear! He is very affectionate and loves everybody. Porcupines are nocturnal but Spike is far from normal. He likes to be awake when the people are. We have never had a problem with quills because they are protection for the porcupine and only raise their back if they feel threatened or danger. Spike has no idea what a threat is so therefore always has his quills down. His favorite friends are our two dogs and three cats. He plays with all of them and likes to snuggle with the cats [I guess because they are soft]. He jumps right up on our dogs and they wrestle together and he'll spin around in circles and run through the house ."


Anonymous said...

The first time I saw a porcupine, I wanted one as well. But then I saw a hedgehog, and my wish-list quickly changed. Perhaps if you start with a hedgehog, Bri will be more accepting of a porcupine as time goes by. They're both sooooo adorable!


Martha said...

I want one of those! Of course I'd have to figure out a way to keep my husband from plucking quills for fly tying..

Wes said...

Those hedgehogs are pretty cute but they don't look much bigger than a rat, which would be very confusing to our baby white rat, Isis.