Calvin Klein Home Ellipse flatware:

I love the style of pretty much anything made by Calvin Klein— it's minimal, refined, elegant and sleek. So of course I love this new stainless steel flatware design. It is a softer take on Iittala's 1997 Artik flatware, which was done by the Finnish duo Laura Partanen and Arto Kankkunen. And it's a good $10-$20 cheaper per 5-piece set.


z said...

flatware with skinny handles are really bad -- it puts form over function, and creates an off-balance utensil. the only thing one should eat with that is so narrow in the finger is a chop-stick. i urge you to reconsider.

bri said...

I disagree. I like flatware with skinny handles very much and think that while many of them may be off-balance, some are well-made so as to be extra weighted in the skinny end and not feel off at all. We have skinny flatware at the moment that feels lovely.

Or have you just been hiding your true feelings about the balance of our flatware all these years, you whore...!?