Modernlink's "Jimmy" desk:

Modernlink— an NYC-based group of architects and artisans who sell vintage Scandinavian-modern furniture at their Bond St. store and design functional, stylish, contemporary furniture— created this extremely ingenious desk. It has 5 file slots built into the desktop to keep papers organized. One of the drawers is the perfect size for storing letter-sized paper for your printer. The drawers also come with removable organizers. It's made from bamboo, a highly renewable (And therefore eco-friendly) source. And it's intentionally sized for apartments— it's less than 5 feet long. It could only be better if it came with a built in computer.


bri said...

Holy crap, that's expensive. Very pretty but silly dumb expensive.

Wes said...

I agree. But it is so cool. Give them a year or so and maybe they'll lower the price.