iJoy massaging chair:

For years, Bri has occasionally mentioned her desire for a massaging chair. It came up again recently because I'm going to physical therapy for a wrist injury and the physical therapist has massaging tables that feel wonderful. After my first session I came home raving about them. And that's when she started in about a massaging chair. "No way," I've always said. "They are way too ugly to have a place in my home." Discussion over.
Until last night. When we went to Brookstone. And she got me to sit in one of them.
The iJoy is amazing. It actually feels like hands are massaging your back. Truly, truly amazing. And it's currently on sale for only $600. It's still ugly but not as offensive as most of them. I could probably live with it tucked away in our bedroom.

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z said...

very ugly